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IMG_8088_smallAbout Me

I am an student, a gymnast, a kid and an entrepreneur.  I get good grades, I am a part of the competitive gymnastics team at JAG gym in Los Angeles and I like to help my mom with Little Miss Madi.

I started going to business camp two summers ago and although I was only 7 at the time, I somewhat understood what I was doing.  I did not understand all of it, but I quickly learned how to make and sell items. Two summers have gone by, and with the help of my mom (who is a mom-preneur) we both decided to launch this website and put my business skills to the test.  My mom thought it was important to teach me business skills and well, it seemed fun.

My mom helps me a lot, and I help her too. I pick out some of the jewelry, give her my kid entrepreneur ideas and contribute my time to modeling for this site with my friends. She is in charge of all of the adult responsibilities, website design and even the photography.  Together we work hard in between studying, gymnastics training and play dates.

I really love my mom and she is important to me.  I would like to let her explain to you about the company now…

About Little Miss Madi

Hi! I am the mom and I am not 8. I am the behind the scenes person working on all of the development of the brand so that one day, Madi can take over it – at least that is the idea. I have a jewelry design background and yes, I am a mom-preneur.  Little Miss Madi was an idea that came after Madi attended two summer camps relating to business. She really took away the concept of a business – in an 8 year old way, of course.  As a mom, it was important for me to help her follow through on what she had learned.  She did a few trade shows and sold just about everything… Little Miss Madi originally started as “home decor”.

Fast forward a few years later and have now narrowed it down to Jewelry and Accessories for Girls and Teens.  But Little Miss Madi is more than just a jewelry business, it is a way to help guide Madi towards owning something of her own. It is a way in which I, as a mom, can show her that you must work for what you have.  This is an outlet for that.  Madison would also like to show other little girls to follow their dream. Madison’s dream is to be successful, get good grades and one day be an Olympic gymnast. Those are really good dreams and I remind her that anything is possible, if you work hard at it.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and learn about me, my mom and about Little Miss Madi. We hope you like our site!






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